Process Description Of Acetylene Generator:
The Acetylene Generator is of an advanced design, incorporating several features not ordinarily found in other generators. The Acetylene generator is a fully automatic plant. Pneumatically controlled valves and highly sensitive sensors, integral with the temperature control instruments, perform all operations. These in turn open the water inlet valve or residue drain valve etc. Two hydraulic pumps help to open and close the supply of calcium carbide, which is fed into the generator by screw feed conveyors. The screw feed mechanism and the agitators are operated by flameproof motors and fittings. The entire operation is perfectly synchronized to give maximum efficiency and simplicity in operation. Any failure, whether it is of power supply, water or air is signaled visually and also audibly when an alarm bell rings to alert the operator.
Only flame proof lights & electrical fittings according to IS 214868 (group II) or BSS- 229 may be used in an acetylene plant building. Acetylene cylinder must be of specification IS: 7312:1974 or ICC: 8.


Chemical Purifier:

This consists of two layers of re-generative chemicals,which remove additional impurities. The purifying agent may be reactivated for re-use by the atmosphere air. For continuous operation one extra charge of chemicals can be kept in open wooden trolley
Water Scrubber:
The equipment is installed between the chemical purifier and the high-pressure compressor which helps to remove additional impurities from the gas if any.

Special Features of Acetylene Gas Plant:
No bulky gas holder required.
Automatic controls for feeding water. Maintaining temperatures, pressures, and slurry drain are fool proof, efficient and are of international standard.
Excellent absorption of gas in cylinders. No gas loss and high yield.
Very simple and safe to operate.
Low power consumption.
Low maintenance cost.
Manufactured as per Designs & Drawings Approved by the Chief Controllers of explosives, Govt of India

Temperature Control:
The Acetylene Generator can be set to operate at any given temperature, regardless of the size of carbide used or temperature of the cooling water. A Sensitive sensor actuates a pneumatic control that adds water into the generator tank when the temperature exceeds the set limit, thus maintaining a given standard temperature. This helps in complete utilization of carbide, which is a very expensive raw material.

Acetylene Compressor:
For filling of the cylinders an I.R. make reciprocating, oil lubricated, multi-stage, water submerged compressor with intercoolers, safety relief valve for each stage, driven by a 15 H.P. Flame Proof Motor confirming to IS: 2148-68 (Gr. I I.B) is provided.

No Loss – Carbide charge:
No gas is lost or wasted while charging the carbide because that section is completely sealed off from the generator by a high pressure hydraulically operated valve. All the above controls are automatic and require no attention from the operator. There is a further safety device, in terms of an alarm bell, which will ring continuously till the fault is corrected.


High Pressure Drier:
This consists of a battery of three high-pressure vessels. The first is filled with metal filler, while the second and third are filled with anhydrous calcium chloride. It is very important that the high pressure drier is fully filled up with Calcium Chloride, as any voids in high-pressure area are against the required safety


Filling Manifold:
This consists of a battery of 60/120 filling connections to connect to the gas cylinders. Non-return valves are provided in various sections of the pipeline to the filling manifold. These non- return valves are extremely important for the safe operation of the plant and should be periodically cleaned to remove rust and scales, (iron cause fire). The cylinder filling pig tails (flexible hose pipes) should also be periodically cleaned to ensure that they; do not burst during filling operation, (if they do burst, a fire would ensure due to sudden discharge of Acetylene).
Instrument Air Compressor:
A flameproof motor with a buffer tank drives the instrument air compressor.

High Pressure Control :
If all the gas generated cannot be drawn in by the compressor and passed on to the filling manifold, either due to low capacity of the compressor or fast generations, gas pressure will gradually build in the generator. When the gas pressure reaches a predetermined level (about 0.5 kg /cm2) carbide charging will be cut off automatically and further generation of gas is stopped.
There is no expensive gasholder with the Acetylene Generator. This item alone will reduce the investment on such a plant. Further, as the gas generated is always at a positive pressure, the pumping cost is also reduced. Since the generator is constantly at a positive pressure, (once the plant has been purged with Nitrogen) no air enter the system, and it is this feature which makes this Plant inherently very safe.


Water Level Control:
If excessive water enters the generator to cool it and the water level goes above the high level mark, the water-level control instrument will immediately discharge the excessive water thus maintaining the water between the acceptable high and low level marks.

Purifying Mass & L K Mixture:
A mixture of purifying mass & L K Mixture is used to remove impurities such as Sulphur, Phosphorus, Arsenic, Ammonia etc. in the form of hydrides such as Hydrogen sulphide, Phosphine etc. This chemical is regnerative, can be used for several applications.

Weighing Scale:
Dial Scale 3205 CLE / COE Capacities: – 100, 200, 300, 500 & 1000 Kg. White pointer with black indicator to give shadowless line-to-line (non-parallax) indication on 584 mm dia. Ready line . Scale mounted on four wheels enclosed in a substantial cast iron frame. Tough, dust proof and moisture proof housing to stand up to any conditions. This ensures no rusting and no deterioration of the mechanism components.

Acetone Pump :
It is a geared motor pump coupled with motor by love-joy coupling. The pump has two parts mainly suction port and the discharge port. The suction port is provided with extended pipe and foot value to reach the bottom of the acetone drum.

Technical Data:

Specifications 50 M3/Hr. Acetylene Plant 100 M3/Hr. Acetylene Plant
Efficiency  98%  98%
Capacity 50 M3/hr. Of Acetylene 100 M3/Hr. of Acetylene Cylinder
Cylinder filled per batch 60 Cylinders 120 Cylinders
Carbide size  0 – 80 mm  0 – 80 mm