Sanghi Group is a privately owned group specializing in the manufacture of Oxygen /Nitrogen Plants, Acetylene Plants, and Nitrous  Oxide Plants For the last 40 yrs. Skid-mounted Plants are also available in smaller sizes.

Salient Features

  • 1) Sanghi Plants consumes less power ( 0.75 KWH per M3)

  • 2) They can produce oxygen and Nitrogen simultaneously.

  • 3) They have Lox and LIN Pumps which are used to fill cylinders with dry high purity oxygen and nitrogen. No filling compressors are required.

  • 4) All plants can produce Liquid oxygen/ Liquid Nitrogen of 50% capacity. Plants with full Liquid capacity can also be supplied with a slight increase in cost.

  • 5) Power consumption is 1 unit / M3 of oxygen gas . The power consumption per unit is less than 1 unit when oxygen & nitrogen are produced simultaneously.