Gases like oxygen and nitrogen are filled in seamless steel cylinders at high pressure ranging from 150 to 200 bar. Such cylinders are also subjected tovarious weather conditions and hydrohandling during use at consumer’s place as well as transport, loading and unloading. Essentially, the cylinders are made of a material that has a flexibility of expansion and contraction during pressurization. For various reasons this flexibility of expansion and contraction begins to deteriorate over a period of time. Similarly, on account of other conditions such as filling, handling, transportation and shop floor conditions,
there are chances of weight reduction over a period of times. It may also develop certain other defects normally rendering a cylinder unsafe for use. Globally such cylinders are required to be periodically tested for visual damages, weight loss of elasticity.
In view of the dimension of damage,which can be caused by a bad cylinder, being known, most people prefer to test these high-pressure cylinders periodically. We provide a complete set-up of equipment for conducting a dependable and assured hydraulic test for such cylinders.