Liquid oxygen plant is very much a requirement these days. And not just any plant, there is a dire need for qualitative liquid oxygen plants today in the market. Our liquid oxygen plants are the best in meeting all the specifications and international guidelines to deliver the best performance as compared to the other liquid oxygen plants available in India. They are energy efficient and ensure maximum savings on your part by providing lower power consumption and low maintenance cost. Its expansion engine leads the liquid oxygen plant to have a trouble free operation increasing its working efficiency to the highest level.

Our liquid oxygen plants at  Sanghi Group are simply the best as it comes with specially designed cascade cooler that eliminates the use of a separate cooling/chilling unit that saves on maintenance as well as power cost. With the molecular sieve battery drier unit, it also saves a lot of money for the customers to go for a different drier unit to separate the moisture and the carbon dioxide. The liquid oxygen plant promises on delivering and producing only high purity oxygen that can be used for different purposes. This is also extremely safe for use.