Nitrogen Generator:


Nitrogen generators are the mobile air to nitrogen production complexes. In simple terms, the nitrogen generators are the machines that produce a steady amount of the nitrogen gas to be used for various purposes.  Sanghi Group believes in providing the very best nitrogen generators in the industry that produces a steady amount of nitrogen gas to suit all your needs and requirements. To get high purity nitrogen gas the entire procedure of getting the gas out of the generator is needed to be done.

Our nitrogen generators have two towers that are filled with carbon molecular sieve. This nitrogen generator works on the highly efficient and effective technology of the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA). The towers can be totally regenerated by just depressurization to the level of friendly equation. The twin tower allows the generator to switch over the towers for trouble free and effective operation. The air contains 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. So this air is passed through an advanced tube which incorporates latest technology to produce nitrogen that is high purity in nature.

The working mechanism of a nitrogen generator is a little complicated and strict safety measures are required to use these generators for your needs and requirements. The ordinary dry air is first filtered and then passed through a bundle of hollow membrane fibers which are very technologically advanced. This is where the nitrogen gas is separated from the air that is fed through the membrane fibers by the process of selective permeation. The water vapor and the oxygen present in the air that is fed are quickly permeated to the atmosphere, leaving behind the highly pure nitrogen gas. This nitrogen gas is then passed under high pressure throughout the whole distribution system.