Safe and economical, the Nitrous Oxide plant from Sanghi Group is a plant with an efficient Generation system which reduces power consumption and adds on to safety. A storage battery assembly for separation of Nitrogen is another safety feature with the Sanghi Group plant. The gas manufactured conforms to Indian Pharmacopia, US & European standards and is stored in liquid state which can be directly filled into cylinders.

Process Description:
Nitrous Oxide is produced by heating Ammonium Nitrate to a temperature of 250 Deg.c. Ammonium Nitrate is decomposed in the process to give a mixture of Nitrous Oxide & super heated steam. At the same time impurities are produced including Ammonium Nitrate fumes, Nitrogen & other oxides of Nitrogen. The steam & impurities are removed by scrubbing with water, caustic soda and sulphuric acid in sequence Nitrogen present in traces is removed by bleeding from the top of storage vessels where Nitrous Oxide is stored, after compression by a compressor.

It is produced by heating Ammonium Nitrate to a temperature of approximately 250 C. Heating could be either electrically or by gas. It is then purified in a series of towers before collecting in a gas holder.
Gas is then Compressed by a water lubricated compressor, dried and liquefied. Liquid Nitrous oxide is stored in storage vessels where Nitrogen, if present, is removed. Pure liquid Nitrous oxide is then filled into cylinders by weight.

Available capacities – 8,16 and 24 u.m./hr (1 kg – 0.533cu.m)
Manufactured under strict supervision of experienced personnel
The nitrous oxide gas conforms to Indian pharmacopia standards, US & European Standards.

Raw material Ammonium nitrate.
Electric power – 100 HP (Max.)
Cooling water system Good quality of water Sufficiently ventilated plant

Nitrous oxide gas is mainly used for anesthetic purposes. It is administered with oxygen. It is also used as carrier gas in laboratory Instruments. It also finds application, as a propellant in aerosols and food stuff.

Properties of NITROUS OXIDE:
Nitrous Oxide is a chemical compound of Nitogen and Oxygen. Its Chemical symbol is N20.
It is colourless, non flammable and nontoxic gas with a slightly sweetish taste & odour. The most common way of distributing Nitrous oxide is as a compressed liquid in Cylinders of the same kind, as used for oxygen, Nitrogen etc.The pressure in Nitrous oxide cylinders is approximately 50 Bars at 200C
It is stable and comparatively un-reactive chemical compound at ordinary temperatures. At elevated temperatures, however, the gas decomposes to Nitrogen & Oxygen.
It supports combustion and hence organic substances particularly oil and greases which are petrochemical in nature must be kept away from the gas.