Oxygen / Nitrogen Liquid Pump:
The liquid pump is a horizontal reciprocating pump. It can pump cryogenic liquids such as Liquid Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon upto 165 Kgm/Cm2 pressure normally and 250 Kgm / Cm2 pressure in special cases. The pumps are simple and requires least maintenance.

Electric Panel:

Electric panel is required for manufacturing of oxygen plant/nitrogen plant. Electric panel holds multiple circuit breakers wired to circuits that distribute power throughout plant.Circuit breakers turn on the power in plant and off the power to protect wiring from damage by tripping when an electrical short or over current occurs. It is necessary to consider replacing electrical panel or adding a sub-panel if need for additional circuit breakers exceeds the capacity of current breaker panel. Also it is necessary to upgrade the panels from fuses to circuit breakers. It’s important to note that a new breaker panel will not provide more power in your plant.

Process Description:

The free atmospheric air is sucked in by a multi-stage air compressor through a filter and compressed to the working pressure. After each stage, intermediate coolers and water separators are provided. The compressed air then passes through the cascade cooler and then to the molecular sieve battery where the moisture and carbon dioxide are removed from the process air. It then passes through the exchanger No. 1 where it is cooled by the out-going waste nitrogen and product oxygen. A part of this cold air then flows through an expansion machine and the balance through the 2nd heat exchanger. An expansion valve, R1 Both these streams of air then unite in the lower pressure column where it partially liquefies, controls the ratio of the two air streams. The liquid air (rich air) then passes through the expansion valve R2 to the upper column, which is at a lower pressure than the lower column. Similarly the liquid nitrogen (poor liquid) travels from the lower column to the upper column through an expansion valve R3 where the separation of oxygen and nitrogen occurs. Nitrogen being more volatile passes out as a gas from the top of the column and this waste nitrogen flows through both the heat exchangers cooling the in-coming air. Similarly product oxygen is also passed through the two heat exchangers to cool the in-coming air and then to the filling manifold via a liquid pump. If a small amount of air is vented out from the upper column, higher purity nitrogen can also be obtained from this plant. R4 Valve is provided in order to fasten cooling during start-up.

 Salient features of Oxygen / Nitrogen plants:

Leak Proof argon welded column
Column available in Copper/Stainless Steel
Very compact & sturdy oxygen and nitrogen plants
Low working pressure Oxygen gas plants
Very low maintenance for producing oxygen gas
Raw material -Free Atmosphere Air for producing oxygen/nitrogen gas/liquid
Built in Liquid Oxygen / Nitrogen pump with internal gas vaporizer for filling of bone dry and high purity Oxygen/Nitrogen gas in cylinders
Hydraulic type Expansion Engine for Oxygen plants/Nitrogen plants
Highly efficient Heat-exchanger for recovery of waste cold energy to reduce operating cost
The oxygen plant is supplied complete as per standard scope of supply
Safe and economical, the  Sanghi Group Oxygen Plant, with an efficient Expansion Engine, lowers operating pressures to a remarkable 30 kg/cm 2 , cuts power consumption and adds to safety.
Sanghi Group Plants are supplied with very efficient reciprocating four-stage Air Compressor, which consumes low power. Dalal Mckenna Plants are supplied with a specially designed highly efficient Cascade Cooler, which eliminates the need for chilling unit and saves on recurring maintenance and power cost.
A Molecular Sieve Battery drier unit for separation of moisture and carbon dioxide is another money saving device in the  Sanghi Group plant. It removes acetylene and other hydrocarbons from the process air, thus eliminating the need for separate acetylene absorbers, and moreover it eliminates recurring caustic soda costs.
Capable of simultaneously producing oxygen and High purity nitrogen, the Sanghi Group plant has an internal compression Liquid Oxygen Pump to fill dry gaseous oxygen in cylinders. The plant can also be fitted with a separate liquid Nitrogen pump to fill dry Nitrogen directly into cylinders. Plants to produce liquid Oxygen/ Nitrogen can also be offered. We also undertake supervision of Installation and Commissioning of the plant.

 Air Compressor:

Air Compressor -Type- Reciprocating, Horizontal, Balance opposed, water jacketed, 3 / 4 / 5 stages, depending upon operation cycle. The air compressor is complete with interstage coolers, separators, motor and starter.

Skid Mounted Air Compressor:

Compressor SKID MOUNTED compressor can be offered on request.

Molecular Sieve Battery:

This is a battery of two vessels filled with Molecular Sieve type 13-X to absorb Carbon Dioxide and Moisture from process air. One vessel will be online and the other will be regenerated by Dry Nitrogen. Regeneration Heater is also provided.

 Expansion Engine:

Expansion Engine is a vertical reciprocating machine which can expand air adiabatically from operating air pressure to 5 Kgm / cm2 to produce the required cold for the Oxygen Plant / Nitrogen plant. It greatly helps to reduce power consumption..

 Air Seperation Unit / Cold Box:

Air Seperation Unit / Cold Box consists of Distillation Column with Heat Exchangers for heat transfer between the incoming air and the out going cold Nitrogen and Oxygen. It is equipped with Expansion valves for controlling the operation of the plant. Control panel for the cold box is provided with the plant. Defrost heater for thawing plant is also provided on the cold box. It is also equipped with liquid oxygen pump which is a single cylinder equipment and delivers Bone-dry Oxygen upto pressure 165 Kg/Cm2. Cold box is insulated withperlite for minimizing cold losses and reducing power consumption.