Oxygen Plant:

A Sanghi Group is the leading manufacturer of oxygen plants in India. The oxygen plants manufactured here are of the highest quality and very suitable to the industry standards. Besides being ultra safe and very economical, these oxygen plants are very efficient with expansion engine and low power consumption as its salient features. The operating pressure is effectively lowered to 30 kg/cm2

These plants are manufactured, keeping the latest technology in view. We have the top facilities to manufacture the very best of oxygen plants in the entire industry. We have also the most modern industrialized services to fabricate the whole process of the production of these oxygen plants. We are the best, when it comes to efficiency in operation and a hassle free operation. We have the required expertise and the necessary infrastructure and even sufficient manpower to see through the entire production of the oxygen plants.

We ensure the quality as well as the working procedure to bring out more industry specific products into the market. The whole procedure of production is always monitored by the team of an expert professionals. All our models of oxygen plants are also available in diverse capacities to cater to all the needs of customers.